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Washington State University Faculty and Staff

  • Birgitte Ahring


    Research Interests: Renewable energy and applied biotechnology, anaerobic bacteria, and renewable products from lignocellulosic biomass

    Birgitte Ahring
  • Amir Ameli


    Research Interests: Nanocellular and microcellular foams; bioplastic and biocomposite foams; composite and foam manufacturing technologies; conductive polymer composites; multifunctional composite foams for electromagnetic, thermal, and acoustic insulation; and application development of composite foams

    Amir Ameli
  • Don Bender


    Research Interests: Design and construction of timber structures, engineering properties of wood-based materials, and hygrothermal properties of building envelopes

    Don Bender
  • Shulin Chen


    Research Interests: Process and systems for biomass processing and bioconversion of renewable feedstocks to biochemical and biofuels

  • Nick Engdahl


    Research Interests: Transport of dissolved and particulate contaminants in the hydrologic systems, long-term environmental fate of micro-plastic fibers, residence time of pollutants, risk assessment/mitigation, and site cleanup and remediation

  • Karl Englund


    Research Interests: Wood and natural fiber composites, polymer processing with natural fiber reinforcement, and natural fiber composite properties

    Karl Englund
  • Manuel Garcia-Pérez


    Research Interests: Thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic materials and conversion of pyrolytic oil fractions into biofuels and chemicals. Bio-char characterization and uses. Bio-refinery systems analysis. Development of polymeric materials from products of biomass thermal depolymerization

  • Michael Kessler


    Research Interests: Processing and characterization of polymer composites, vegetable oil-based polymers, self-healing polymer composites, and evaluation of polymers and composites using experimental solid mechanics and thermal analysis

    Michael Kessler
  • Hanwu Lei


    Research Interests: Thermochemical and chemical conversions of renewable biomass to bioproducts, chemicals, and biofuels; catalysis and bioprocess of biomass and plant materials including biomass clean fractionation for cellulose and lignin, protein separation, aromatics and phenolics used for thermoplastics and adhesives

  • Hongfei Lin


    Research Interests: Catalyst Synthesis and Application; Catalytic Conversion of biomass; CO2 Reduction; Renewable Hydrogen Production; Fuel Cell Electrocatalysis; Advanced Functional Nanomaterials; Photocatalysis

  • Hang Liu


    Research Interests: Development of biobased polymeric materials for biomaterials and protective apparatus and structure-property analysis of polymeric materials

    Hang Liu
  • Armando McDonald


    Research Interests: Biobased composite materials, fiber modifications, and product prototype development and synthesis of carbohydrate, protein, and polyphenolic based polymers for use as thermoplastics and adhesives

    Armando McDonald
  • Somayeh Nassiri


    Research Interests: cementitious materials, multiscale characterizing and modeling, environmentally clean smart additives for cement systems, design and construction of concrete flatwork/pavements

  • Pizhong Qiao


    Research Interests: Advanced polymer composite materials in civil infrastructure, mechanics of composite materials and structures, smart composites and structures, and fracture of bonded interfaces

    Pizhong Qiao
  • Shyam Sablani


    Research Interests: Polymeric packaging for advanced food technologies and engineering nanoparticle interactions with plant surfaces

    Shyam Sablani
  • Lloyd Smith


    Research Interests: Multi-axial characterization of composite materials, damage and failure modeling, environmental degradation of polymer composites, and sports science

    Lloyd Smith
  • Jinwu Wang


    Research Interests: Biobased resin and composites development

    Jinwu Wang
  • Mike Wolcott


    Research Interests: Composite material development, extrusion processing, viscoelasticity and rheology, adhesion, and anisotropic elasticity

    Mike Wolcott
  • Travis Woodland


    Research Interests: Business development, intellectual property, and corporate relations

    Travis Woodland
  • Junna Xin


    Research Interests: Synthesis and characterization of polymers

    Junna Xin
  • Vikram Yadama (Center Co-Director)


    Research Interests: Mechanics of wood and wood composites; modeling of engineered wood composites, structure and behavior; behavior of wood joints; and  industrial extension and outreach in forest products

    Vikram Yadama
  • Bin Yang


    Research Interests: biomass pretreatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, and conversion technologies that accelerate commercial application of biomass processing to cellulosic and lignin fuels and biobased products.

  • Jinwen Zhang


    Research Interests: Synthesis, processing, and application development of biobased polymer materials; polymer toughening and reinforcing; structure and properties of polymer blends and composites; and polymer foaming and fiber spinning technologies

    Jinwen Zhang
  • Xiao Zhang


    Research Interests: Chemical and biochemical conversion of plant carbohydrates and lignin to renewable biomaterials, chemicals and biofuels

    Katie Zhong
  • Katie Zhong


    Research Interests: Nanocomposites and multifunctional materials, aerospace materials and composites, composite manufacturing technology, biomaterials and processing, and renewable energy materials

    Katie Zhong
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